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Welcome to Wellesley College's Student Portal


You may login using your Wellesley domain name and Password.  If you are having trouble logging in, please follow these instructions:


Changing your Domain Account password

As part of our password guidelines you should change your Domain Account password once a year.

Please visit our Password Reset guidelines website at:


If you forgot your password and are unable to use the password reset website, you will need to request a password reset from the Computing Help Desk:

Students must bring their Wellesley College ID to the Computing Help Desk. Faculty & Staff may contact the Computing Help Desk at x3333.

For students who are on campus and in Massachusetts, time-limited telemental health therapy is available.  Both individual and group therapy are being offered, and psychopharmacology.  


For psychopharmacology:

a. New clients - make an appointment with a clinician for an initial evaluation, and the clinician will assess the need for medication and schedule with the prescriber, if indicated.

b. Returning clients - contact the prescriber by secure message and/or email to request an appointment. The prescriber will determine whether the student also needs to be in treatment.


For ALL students including those out-of-state and international, assistance is available to access resources in the community. Students requesting such assistance can schedule a remote counseling session with the Student Care Coordinator, Sandra Acevedo.


In addition, workshops, after-hours support and crisis intervention is available.


Groups and Workshops are listed on the Counseling website,


For after-hours support and crisis intervention call (781) 283-2839, #1; and to speak with a counselor call (781) 283-2839, #3.


On the student portal you can schedule counseling appointments with a therapist  and/or a referral appointment with a Student Care Coordinator for assistance in finding local mental health referrals.  You can also view and cancel upcoming counseling appointments.


To schedule a medical appointment with Health, call (781) 283-2810.


For Campus Police please call (781) 283-5555 for on-campus emergencies and 911 for any emergency off campus 24/7.


Counseling is confidential; we are committed to protecting your personal information and do not share your information with anyone.


Data that you provide cannot be viewed by anyone else on the web and is securely maintained by industry standard SSL (secure socket layer) encryption and decryption technology when needed.